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Your Trust Is My Highest Priority!

Because you reached here through the invisible thread called ‘Trust’, I address all your concerns on priority!

Rediscovering Life Has Its Definite Position In This Journey

I am a lifetime Kundalini Yoga practitioner and I have started my journey at the age of 11 through basic yoga practices. I hail from the recent historical place Vizianagaram where my hometown is AOB (Andhra-Orissa Border). Parallel to the academic journey, I was relentlessly striving to be as natural as possible through Ancient Indian Wisdom of Yoga, Ayurveda and I have even studied 5 different martial arts.


I am guided by a number of Gurus where I am proud to include pandits and certain interior tribes who never visited our cities (as I come from Manyam Area). Before starting my research, while in my training period, I am bestowed with multiple ideologies of constructive thinking. 

Today, I am on my own way with brighter vision still finding beautiful ways to fill every moment of my life with Yoga. That is what the term means – “The word Yoga can be synonymized as Union”

I believe

Treat - Nurture - Detox - Relax - Be Natural - Be Happy

Nurturing your body and taking care of its functions is the first form of Self-love! Isn’t it? But when you do it with Nature’s remedies, you are assured of the best quality of life where you find everything beautiful!


My Vision My vision as a Yoga instructor implies deep social awareness. I have always envisioned a world where yoga transcends individual practice to become a catalyst for positive societal change. All it takes is compassion for one another! Through yoga, I have built my passion to advocate inclusivity while making yoga accessible to all, regardless of background or any underlying circumstances. .

It is a profound commitment to community empowerment. We all must understand that yoga could be a transformative tool to address social issues, foster environmental stewardship, and can successfully contribute to global peace. Embodying mindful leadership, we all must seek to heal through yoga; let us create spaces for emotional and mental well-being. Such a vision resonates with a sense of responsibility, encouraging practitioners to be mindful advocates for justice and unity. It is my heartfelt commitment where I can harness this ancient wisdom for the betterment of humanity. Together, we can create a world where these principles of yoga inspire positive, empathetic, and sustainable change for a better tomorrow.

How Do We Reach There?

Yoga for All

Nowadays, yoga is widely available. So, people of all ages and skill levels can benefit from its physical, mental, and spiritual advantages. By employing yoga as a tool for community empowerment, we may solve social challenges making the world a better place. Because yoga is a means to empower individuals facing challenges.

Healing through Yoga

Yoga unites mind, body, and spirit and is a transformative journey of healing. Through intentional breathing techniques (Pranayama), dynamic movement (Charana), and mindfulness (Meditation/Dhyanam), it can foster emotional and physical well-being. Gradually, the practice becomes a harbor, offering solace, balance, and a path to inner resilience. This is where you discover the profound journey of self-healing and holistic wellness.

Environmental Stewardship

The idea is to advocate for environmental consciousness and sustainability. And my job is to promote yoga as one of the true pathways to connect with nature and instill a sense of responsibility towards the planet. To achieve this, every person must cultivate an enlightened leader who lives the values of yoga with focus on moral judgment, compassionate management, and a dedication to the greater good.

Global Peace Initiative

Presenting a vision of world peace by means of yoga while empowering practitioners to serve as peacemakers and unifiers in a world where social, cultural, and political divides frequently exist.

Social Entrepreneurship

Motivating yoga instructors to take an active role in social entrepreneurship by developing long-term projects and campaigns that uphold yogic ideals alongside improving health awareness.

Mindful Activism

Integrating social activism and mindfulness techniques to empower yoga practitioners to be conscious activists for constructive change in the world.


What they say about us

Namasthe! I thank everyone for your heart-felt feedback about me. I am grateful to the Universe that this amazing journey with all of you has sculptured me a lot. I wish to continue this Saga in a new dimension here.