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I felt, “I am a human and I wield a soul” But I found, “I am a soul and I wield a human body”


The Art of Yoga is everywhere with in every thing - It has no limit


Ancient India is the source of spiritual knowledge with its advanced culture and technology. Here we go!


Surviving in the woods is like a ‘Diksha’ knowing yourself swinging along with the natural breeze

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Spirituality In Karmakshetra

Being spiritual is not a lifestyle we show to the world – It is a blend of your knowledge and action that paves a safe path for the next generations. Let us strive and assure a bright world filled with safety and happiness. 


What is True Yogic Path And How could We Define It To Ourselves?

We are in ‘Martya Lokam’, The Mortal Planet; Your Actions leading to eternal glory can define your Path!

We offer Ayurvedic Treatments based on the Ashta Vaidya Tradition from Kerala, India.

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What we offer

Here is what I brought for you?

Yoga Consultations

This is where I will share ideas, tools and customized yoga practice schedules based on age, health, underlying health conditions and many other categories

Yoga Online Classes

Online Yoga training for better understanding of the concepts shared by me; it can be regular/ certain no. of sessions

Podcasts & Guided Meditation

Meditation became an integral part of one’s mental health today. I provide guided meditation and podcasts filled with motivation and peace

PDF guides

PDF articles on Vinyasa Yoga can be a great asset when you have a zeal to read and to refer to the concept anytime you intend to

Yoga & Taijiquan Videos

I hope that Videos along with the text file can help you with every detail of your practice and helps you to keep it in right pace

Survival Tactics

I am always fascinated about survival skills! Because, this is where you put your learned skills into practice. “When you stand alone amidst landscape, every leaf speaks to you”

How it works

How do we start?

All it takes is a little push; a half step forward from our comfort zone. If you are aware that a little exercise in the morning can give you a better system of health, you have come to the right place.

Because putting an idea into practice in today’s busy life, I am here to help you! Remember that the key to mastering an art is to simplify it. That is how we can seamlessly move into the flow of vinyasa yoga; the most effective form for physical and mental health.

In fact, there is no such thing called as the best! But the way we personalize it makes a difference. We must continuously evolve through our schedules of various combinations of charan, asana, pranayama and meditation to attain it.

Design Your Training Schedule

A perfect and allround training plan (when successfully implemented) can create effective and long lasting results.

Deep Breathing

You must breathe deep and that is how your body will be activated with adequate amounts of oxygen to blood and organs.

Keep Smiling

True smile is rather seen in your eyes than on your lips. While your eyes are mirrors, your smile is the expression of your soul and it is alway filled with virtue.

Benefits You Reap

Nature’s secret for your health.

Simplicity is the highest form of sophistication. The secret recipe here is to be natural

Real organic herbal

You will always stay active with a body free from discomfort. We enjoy our lives in this world only through a healthy body

Professional Therapist

Your personal life dictates your professional and social life. So, better the first one is, better the others will be.

Free Consultations

Spiritual health gives you self-saturation which nothing else can. You will find inner peace here realizing that everything is within you and you are your master!

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Namasthe! I thank everyone for your heart-felt feedback about me. I am grateful to the Universe that this amazing journey with all of you has sculptured me a lot. I wish to continue this Saga in a new dimension here.